The Guidelines

So, you've signed Mr. Pickle up for a trip to _____ with you, and he's arrived in the mail. Now what?

Of course we want you and Mr. P to have THE best time ever, and take some terrific snapshots of him around _____. Due to the nature of this blog, the longevity of the project, and Mr. Pickle's general safety, there are a few guidelines to follow while you're on your adventure.
  • Don't alter his physical appearance permanently. Some shoes and a hat = good. A sharpie mark reading "I love Ohio" across his back = not so good. 
  • Mauling by animals and children is not welcome. Mr. P LOVES children and animals, but since he is small and fragile, he is timid around them. He would like to keep his stuffing on the inside, and his eyes permanently attached to his face. Share with care.
  • Keep the photos G rated, or at least PG. He can visit bars and you can kiss his cheek, but the photos in general should be good natured. 
  • Your photos may or may not include people, it's totally up to you! Keep in mind, if you send them, they will be published.
  • He can totally visit the same city more than once, so don't let that stop you.
Thank you for helping keep Mr. Pickle and The Pickle Project alive!