July 11, 2011

Mr. P in the Deep South

The last time we saw Mr. Pickle he was in NYC with Miss E and she was mailing him to her friend Jenny in Chicago. I'm happy to report that Mr. Pickle arrived safely in Chicago. From there he began his crazy adventure with Jenny from June 21- July 5!

They headed down to New Orleans for a library conference, then traveled from there to Texas. Let's see what this pickle and Jenny were up to...

 They went to New Orleans for the American Library Association Conference in New Orleans. There he met Eric Wight, author of the Frankie Pickle series. How cool is that!?
 Mr. P woke up with some beads in NOLA. We won't guess how he got those.
 He was antsy to get a move on to Texas!
 A pit stop at Walmart for road trip snacks, where he encountered an aisle dedicated to his relatives.
 At Jungle Gardens on Avery Island. Gators!
 Macro pickle.
 A close encounter while on a Louisiana Cajun Country Swamp Tour. Egads!
 Enjoying some local culinary delights at Prejeans in Lafayette, LA.
 Mr. Pickle investigating the oral hygiene of this taxidermied gator! He sure got brave on this trip.
 Here he is safe from death's jaws at the Blue Moon Guest House in Lafayette, LA.
 Mr. P and his friend Mary in the Corn Cob Crib at the Gruene Mansion Inn in New Braunfels, TX. They made it Texas! Yeehaw!
Apparently they are very big into their icy treats in Texas. Mr. P discovered this as he found a pickle flavored ice pop!
His own bed in a loft at the historic Coopersmith Inn in Galveston, TX.
 Mr. P is catching some rays on the beach in Gaslveston.
 THE CLAW. Mr. P became quite entranced with this claw game in Lockhart, TX (BBQ capitol of the world).
 BBQ feast time at Kreu's Market. No reason to get messy, so he slapped on a bib.
 Cowboys and a pickle! At the Mesquite Rodeo, near Dallas.
 At Billy Bob's. The world's largest honky tonk in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.
 As always, a fashionable Mr. Pickle. He thought about boots, but his plaid clashed.
And finally, a wagon ride home. Word on the street is that Mr. Pickle rode off happily into the sunset. Giddyup!

Would you like to take Mr. P on a trip with you? See if it fits in his schedule, then let me know!