August 19, 2013

Lake Michigan & North Carolina!

Mr. Pickle was the lucky guest of Miss April as they ventured off to Lake Michigan and then jumped down to North Carolina from August 7-12. NC is a state he hasn't visited before! His 22nd state. He's almost halfway to all 50 states! They had a good time relaxing and hitting the town.

He's a bit concerned that the seagull wanted to eat him, or at least steal his new umbrella. April and friends were good protectors and all survived.

Ah, the view. Ah, the relaxation.It was a bit chilly and windy! He had to don a snazzy red cap. He won't pass up a chance to accessorize.

Mr. P is looking very smart while driving through the mountains on the way to North Carolina.

An evening at a local bar, taking in the sights.

Mr. Pickle was super into the the music at the blues show! He's a huge fan of live music and he doesn't get enough of it. 


Another great trip! He's still on the mission to hit all 50 states and some exotic countries in between.
Check his itinerary if you want to take him with you somewhere!