August 10, 2012

Little Old Lady Who? Swiss Miss!

Mr. Pickle spent July 20-29 in Switzerland with Susie! He's been to so many different countries this year! This time it was all pleasure, no business. He enjoyed lots of mountain climbing and frolicking through the Swiss hillside while yodeling a snappy tune.

Mr. P enjoyed the train-side view just outside Gais, where he did some low mountain hiking, and saw a lot of goats and cows. Goats are his new favorite animal.

Susie and Mr. P enjoyed a hike at Santis. It was a pretty high elevation, and there was a lot of rock climbing, but he was prepared and apparently knocked it out.

All in all it was a lovely summer trip with great people. 

Thank you so much to those who take Mr. Pickle traveling with them. It's because of YOU that this project is still alive. The world is his oyster! 
His schedule is clear for the rest of summer! Would you like a travel buddy? Let me know!