June 30, 2011

Mr. Pickle hits the Big Apple

Mr. Pickle spent June 17-20 in New York City with Elizabeth. They had so much fun on their east coast trip, she snagged him for another trip! And what a fun one for him to go on. I'm quite envious of the sights and scenes of summer in the the Big Apple... filled with adventure and good times.
He met a travelling koala friend while meeting Miss E's friend Jess. When Jess's family drove cross-country, she rode in the semi with her dad and they picked out small toys at the rest stops along the way. Koala now travels the world with Piotr and Jess, so he and Mr. P had a lot to talk about.
 Mr. P was pleased to meet Kirby Cucumber(s) at the Grand Army Plaza Green Market Saturday morning.
 A trip to Mood for some fabric! Mr. Pickle did some shopping for his upcoming trip to Texas! He made it work and Tim Gunn would be proud. 
 Mr. Pickle found some friends in the Subway! They were just his size.
 Mr. Pickle enjoys the air conditioning while waiting in line at Blue Bottle.
 Single origin coffee and a single origin Pickle.
 Mr. Pickle ordered a macchiato for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.
 Mr. Pickle at the Ace Hotel, hanging out by a very informative sign while Miss E charged up devices and waited for a dinner meet-up.
 All dolled up and ready for Texas!
 He's ready to cross the Brooklyn Bridge!
 Welcome to Brooklyn! Mr. Pickle is confused as he thought he just left Brooklyn.
 The very tall Rockefeller Center.
 The Rainbow Room. Mr. P is ready for the bright lights!
 Peacock pickle! NBC pretty much has a new logo now.
 A pickle in Time's Square. It was large, loud, and overwhelming. Not Mr. P's bag.
Post Office time: The last day of their trip together, Miss E mailed Mr. Pickle to her friend Jenny in Chicago! From there he'll be travelling to New Orleans and Texas with Jenny. Does this pickle ever sleep?

If you'd like to take Mr. Pickle on a trip with you, see if it fits in his schedule, and let me know!

June 14, 2011

A Crafty Weekend in Indiana

Rather than retrieving Mr. Pickle from Nicole after their recent fishing trip to South Carolina, he decided he wanted to hang with her and head to Indianapolis, Indiana the weekend of June 10-12 while she vended at INDIEana Craft Exchange. Yes, it was his first craft fair! Since Mr. P was basically born of craft,  he holds crafts near and dear to his heart.
Mr. Pickle is very excited to take in the scene at the Indieana Handicraft Exchange at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis.
He spent some quality time with two lovely creative ladies: Courtney Fischer of Courtney Fischer Jewelry and artist and illustrator Laura Berger.
Mr. P recently saw the movie, E.T. and decided to recreate one of his favorite scenes with a few of Lori Brown's handcrafted critters.
 He couldn't resist the charms of one of Deb Eyde's winking owl ladies.
 After all that crafty goodness, Mr. Pickle hit the local watering hole, Flat 12 Bierworks, for more handcrafted goodness — in the drinkable form.
 He pulled up a seat made from a shopping cart and had some pickle-sized tastes of the American Wit beer.
 Mr. Pickle was sad to leave the fine people of Indianapolis and tried to camouflage himself among the mint.
 But in the end, Mr. P agreed to return home so he could set forth on his next adventure—because he cares.

What a great trip! A killer craft fair and good times hanging around with stuffed pals and human pals. Thanks Ms. Nicole for keeping him entertained two weekends in a row. Next up is NYC, for sure.

email nomadicpickle [at] gmail.com if you want to take him somewhere and it fits in his schedule.

* Photo text by Nicole

June 9, 2011

To The Lake: Down South, Pickle Style

Summertime is here at last! Heat, sun, outdoors, fun... VACATION TIME! Mr. Pickle's got some sweet trips lined up to keep himself busy.

The weekend of June 3-6 he had the pleasure of joining my pal Nicole, of Sloe Gin Fizz, on a trip to South Carolina for a long weekend of fishing and relaxing. He did a bit of both! Evidence of his trip has me fiending for a visit to a Michigan lake, and fast.

  Mr. P had his very own plane seat. Exciting!
He was pretty pleased with the first view of the lake. It sits in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western South Carolina.
Mr. Pickle was game to try his hand with a rod and reel.
This is the one that got away.
Mr. Pickle made some fine new friends over the weekend.
 After a long day on the water, Mr. Pickle enjoyed a refreshing margarita.
Mr. P decided to take it down a notch and spent his final day at the lake sunbathing.

How super fun does that trip look? I can just smell the fish. Next week he's headed to NYC for quite a change of pace. He's resting up in the meantime.

email nomadicpickle [at] gmail.com if you want to take him somewhere and it fits in his schedule.

* Photo text by Nicole