November 15, 2012

East Coast Fall Explorations

Mr. Pickle spent the last half of October with his pal Elizabeth. They  left Chicago and headed off to Charlottesville, Virginia and Washinton DC. There was a work conference, a race, a lot of biking, an alligator attack, a bit of presidential mischief, and he went postal.

Mr. P and Louisa stopped by Fibre Space in historic Old Town in Alexandria, VA. This was near the election, so Elect Wool is present in the window.

While on a Mount Vernon Trail bike trip Mr. P and E stop for a break mid-ride to watch planes take off at National Airport.

Mr. P finds himself in some cozy spots while visiting the National Postal Museum in DC. It's perfect that E took him here, for two reasons: 1.) Mr. P travels by post as often as he travels by plane or bike. 2.) Elizabeth loves mail!

No matter if it rains or snows pickles, the mail must go through.

I guess if given the choice, Mr. Pickle decides that he is a letter.

How cool are these old mailboxes?!

Mr Pickle and Elizabeth rode bikes to Barack and Michelle Obama's house, AKA The White House! Unfortunately, Sasha and Malia couldn't come out to play. (This was just before the election.)

Thanks to some Capital Bikeshare wheels, they were able to trek about Washington DC.

Cheap champagne coctails at Blue Nile in Harrisburg, Virginia! I swear this pickle is not a lush.

Delicious Ethiopian cuisine for this pickle. He has no hands, so how does he eat it?

A little Halloween time in Charlottesville. Mr. Pickle's not quite sure what to think of this freaky mess.

Here he meets Thomas Jefferson!

Mr. P throws on a scholarly look for a visit to the University of Virginia. Such class, this one.

More gators! Aaaaah! Whey do they always find him?! This time at an antique shop. See here and here for his past encounters.

He should probably be more concerned with the giant starfish behind him.

Mr. P and E squeeze in some apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard!

Tis gourd season after all. Well played with the hat here.

A monster encounter for Mr. P on Halloween. Someone knew he was coming and drew him.


More good times with Elizabeth were had. He's headed back to Michigan now. And he has NO TRIPS planned for the rest of 2012. Will you take him somewhere with you? He gets bored easily.