March 24, 2011

Buffalo, NY: A Full Moon Weekend

The weekend of March 18-20 Valerie took Mr. Pickle to Buffalo, NY. He definitely got his fix of outdoor times! It looks like he had a great adventure.

On the dash with the giant full moon as they start their journey on the 401 in Canada.
(Mr. Pickle's first trip outside of the USA!)

At Valerie's friend Jen's birthday party. Is that silly string I see?! I'm sure Mr. P got a kick out of that. (Happy Birthday, Jen!)

At the Japanese Garden on Mirror Lake. He chilled with a topiary and a stone lantern. What a pretty place!

Outside the art museum he got immersed in this sculpture by Fletcher Benton.

Visiting Fort Niagara State Park on Lake Ontario.
(His first Great Lakes visit!)

He's got more trips coming up! Stay tuned.
email nomadicpickle [at] if you want to take him somewhere.

March 9, 2011

Chicago: A Dynamite Weekend

The weekend of March 4-6 I took Mr. Pickle on a quick trip to Chicago. I went with my mom, sister, nephew, and nieces, so we did mostly kid-friendly stuff. (What? You mean small children don't like shopping?!) I took hardly any photos of Mr. Pickle! Sad, I know. (Don't be like me.) It was a 3 day weekend- one day it rained and one day it snowed, what can I say.

We went to the Lego Land Discovery Center in Schaumburg. In addition to meeting Batman, Mr. P also met Barack Obama, Darth Vader, C3P0, Albert Einstein, Harry Potter, Hagrid, Santa Claus, and Indiana Jones. It was a pickle's dream come true.

We also went to Shedd's Aquarium, which is always a nice adventure! The beluga whales were his favorite.

Where will he be off to next? You decide!
email nomadicpickle [at] if you want to take him somewhere.