June 19, 2012

Summer Fun in Chicago

Mr. Pickle is spending most of the month of June with one of his favorite traveling buds, Elizabeth. They've gone on a few other trips together, and it's kind of perfect. This time around, Miss E showed Mr. P her new hometown of Chicago! He's been there a couple times (once with me and once with Jenny), but as with every trip, there's always new stuff to do and see. Which is just what they did:

I sure hope Mr. Pickle followed this rule. Or kept his ketchup obsession hush hush.

Obligatory photo of reflection in The Bean. I'm sorry, but I just love The Bean. And check out E's lemon dress. Foodies all around.

 Hiding on the hat of a new friend. Say, where's Mr. Pickle's hat?!

Ah, there's his hat. (He has actually acquired NEW hats since this trip, which I can't wait for him to try out.)

A cool pickle chillin' in the cool city. More signs! Mr. Pickle is VERY safety cautious! For humans and pickles. Elizabeth likes to point this out.

Catching some rays at the beach. Aaaaah. It never gets old. Where's his Summer Shandy?

A cool down session was in order, so Buckingham Fountain is where they parked it.

And so ends his tour of the city. He's sticking with Elizabeth for a bit and they're heading to California next. Stay tuned!


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