December 19, 2012

The San Francisco Treat

Mr. Pickle stayed on with Miss Elizabeth after their recent east coast trip and then headed off to sunnier pastures: San Francisco, CA from November 29- December 3. It was a short trip but was full of many treats and thrills. Here we go:

 A visit to Makeshift Society brought Mr. Pickle in contact with his future home: A mini camper. I mean, really, look at him, it's too great.

More tiny things at Makeshift Society. HELLO HAT!

The visit to Rainbow Grocery in search of treats not available in New Zealand was endless. Erin and Mr. P were super hunters.

GASP! Look closely at that bucket. MR. PICKLE brand pickles?? And the pickle on the bucket is wearing a tiny hat! The real Mr. Pickle and his travel mates were in awe of this.

Mr. Pickle has chocolate covered. Fine, delicious, dark chocolate. Mmmmm.

Midway Airport brought many adventures for Mr. P, including controlling the Jetway.

Mr. P and Miss E learned that Midway Airport was named after the Battle of Midway.

Mr. P looks terrified as he ponders what statues eating live pickles have to do with the Battle of Midway!


And so ends another trip. Mr. P sure has been many places this year. He's going to spend the holiday in Delaware- a state he's never been.

Where are YOU taking him next??