December 11, 2013

Desperately Seeking Antlers... In China.

Mr. P had the pleasure of joining my best pal Cortney from Septemeber 10-26 on a trip to China for some research! And boy did they research. Mr. Pickle arrived back in Michigan with a few Chinese words under his belt. Not too shabby! Now, onto the adventures:

They were in Beijing during the Moon Festival. This was left in their room with a slice of moon cake and fruit on the morning of. Mr. P is now reallllly into moon cakes.

The telephone at Red Wall Garden Inn in Beijing!

Mr. P and his reading glasses with the Shi ji (Records of the Grand Historian) by Sima Qian, China's first historian. Pickle is deeply immersed in Chinese history!

The Chinese zodiac! This shot was taken at my beautiful courtyard style hotel in Beijing.What sign is Mr. P?! I guess he's a Leo.

Yicheng Museum in Hubei Province. He's off to look at antlered motifs! Yep. FYI, the main point of the trip was to look at antlered things.

Tofu Pudding in Wuhan.

Wuhan graffiti

Dreaming of eternity in Wuhan.

Where are these red steps leading Mr. P in Wuhan?!

Here is Mr. Pickle in front Tiananmen Gate with the portrait of Mao Zedong in the background. Tiananmen Gate leads into the Forbidden City.

Tiananmen Square

Mr. P taking in some art at the National Museum, Beijing

Afternoon coffee with Cortney and Ellen at the National Museum, Beijing. The cup and saucer have cool bronze and jade motifs from Chinese art history! Eek!

Mr. Pickle with his comrades. National Museum, Beijing (near Tiananmen Square).

798 is the contemporary art district. Lots of galleries and shops in this area. There used to be more artists working here, but it has been commercialized in recent years. There is still a lot of cool contemporary Chinese art to be seen here though. Mr. Pickle found some great statue friends to hang out with!

Panda Mandy at 798 Beijing

798 Beijing. This dude with a D on his suit is super cute! 

More panda lovin' at 798 Beijing

All signs point to --> 798 Beijing

Touching. 798 Beijing.

798 Beijing

798 Beijing

And so ends another fantastic voyage for this lucky nomadic pickle. 


He'd love to travel with you in 2014. He has a lot of states to still visit! Check out his itinerary and see if he fits in your schedule! Summer is travelin' time!