April 10, 2012

Costa Rica and the East Coast

Our dear pal Mr. Pickle spent most of March 2012 traveling the world with the lovely Dr. Jessica. They traveled from Detroit to Costa Rica, then went on an east coast trip covering New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC. WHOAH! He had a wonderful time and spent a lot of time thinking within, while Jessica was surfing and yoga retreating.

 Costa Rica was super hot, even for Mr. P. He tried to stay cool with some aloe.

He spent a lot of time snug in Jessica's backpack as they trecked through beaches and city streets.

So far Mr. Pickle has been to 16 states and 4 countries since we started this project a little over a year ago! He's now got me beat. (I've been to 15 states and 3 countries.) Europe is next up for him!

Do you have a trip coming up that you think Mr. Pickle would enjoy?? 
Check out his itinerary, and email nomadicpickle [at] gmail.com if you want to take him somewhere.