June 5, 2013

If you seek a pleasant peninsula...

Mr. P joined myself and four friends on a wonderful trip to northern Michigan all around the Leelanau Peninsula from May 31-June 3. We had amazing weather, delicious eats, grand outdoor adventures, a killer driving soundtrack, and plenty of laughs. Mr. Pickle was happy to hop on board as we ventured around the peninsula as we whiffed the lavender forest and stared at the stars.

Relaxing outside Michigan Artists Gallery in Suttons Bay.

Walking in Traverse City, on our way to The Cooks' House for dinner.

Before dinner we had to make a quick stop at the water and dip our toes in the freezing bay.

Mr. P was dying to see and hike some dunes. He did the Empire Bluff trail walk and this is what was at the end of it. PURE MICHIGAN!

The veg tacos at Cedar Sol hydro farm taco stand were super yum. Mr. Pickle enjoyed himself a wild ginger drink as he recooped from his afternoon hike.

YES! In Cedar, MI.

That same day we hiked a bit around Pyramid Point.

And more PURE MICHIGAN was waiting for us as we walked out of the forest. The aquas in the water made Mr. Pickle's heart burst out of his chest a couple of times.

Fishtown! Mr. P enjoyed walking around and shopping in the little shops.

Today! Mr. P is thinking about it.

When in Fishtown you gotta try a Chubby Mary! (Chub as in fish, as in a whole fish inside the drink glass acting as though it were a pickle or an olive.) Mr. P went with the chubless. I drank water.

VROOM VROOM! Just driving a Ferrari boat inside The Cove bar. No big deal. 
This pickle has taste.

Mr. P stayed in the most gorgeous modern farmhouse. Here he is enjoying an evening by the fire enjoying some vegan dessert, chocolate, wine, and good company.

In the Leelanau State Park we visited the Grand Traverse Lighthouse. We also visited a LEGO version of the lighthouse, which was just Mr. Pickle's size!

Mr. P wasn't creeped out by this lighthouse keeper or anything...

Mr. P met Macaulay Culkin at a creepy antique shop in Northport! They reenacted a few scenes from Home Alone, then Mr. P was on his way. (I'd like to know who is going to buy that Mac cut-out?!)

And what trip north is complete without a stop or three for some wine tastings. Mr. P indulged in some bubbly at L.Mawby, and it was goooooood. 


It's been a while since I've taken the P man on a trip, so I was happy to finally get to do so again. 

He's got a pretty open summer schedule so far... 
Where are you taking him?! Let me know.