December 19, 2012

The San Francisco Treat

Mr. Pickle stayed on with Miss Elizabeth after their recent east coast trip and then headed off to sunnier pastures: San Francisco, CA from November 29- December 3. It was a short trip but was full of many treats and thrills. Here we go:

 A visit to Makeshift Society brought Mr. Pickle in contact with his future home: A mini camper. I mean, really, look at him, it's too great.

More tiny things at Makeshift Society. HELLO HAT!

The visit to Rainbow Grocery in search of treats not available in New Zealand was endless. Erin and Mr. P were super hunters.

GASP! Look closely at that bucket. MR. PICKLE brand pickles?? And the pickle on the bucket is wearing a tiny hat! The real Mr. Pickle and his travel mates were in awe of this.

Mr. Pickle has chocolate covered. Fine, delicious, dark chocolate. Mmmmm.

Midway Airport brought many adventures for Mr. P, including controlling the Jetway.

Mr. P and Miss E learned that Midway Airport was named after the Battle of Midway.

Mr. P looks terrified as he ponders what statues eating live pickles have to do with the Battle of Midway!


And so ends another trip. Mr. P sure has been many places this year. He's going to spend the holiday in Delaware- a state he's never been.

Where are YOU taking him next??

November 15, 2012

East Coast Fall Explorations

Mr. Pickle spent the last half of October with his pal Elizabeth. They  left Chicago and headed off to Charlottesville, Virginia and Washinton DC. There was a work conference, a race, a lot of biking, an alligator attack, a bit of presidential mischief, and he went postal.

Mr. P and Louisa stopped by Fibre Space in historic Old Town in Alexandria, VA. This was near the election, so Elect Wool is present in the window.

While on a Mount Vernon Trail bike trip Mr. P and E stop for a break mid-ride to watch planes take off at National Airport.

Mr. P finds himself in some cozy spots while visiting the National Postal Museum in DC. It's perfect that E took him here, for two reasons: 1.) Mr. P travels by post as often as he travels by plane or bike. 2.) Elizabeth loves mail!

No matter if it rains or snows pickles, the mail must go through.

I guess if given the choice, Mr. Pickle decides that he is a letter.

How cool are these old mailboxes?!

Mr Pickle and Elizabeth rode bikes to Barack and Michelle Obama's house, AKA The White House! Unfortunately, Sasha and Malia couldn't come out to play. (This was just before the election.)

Thanks to some Capital Bikeshare wheels, they were able to trek about Washington DC.

Cheap champagne coctails at Blue Nile in Harrisburg, Virginia! I swear this pickle is not a lush.

Delicious Ethiopian cuisine for this pickle. He has no hands, so how does he eat it?

A little Halloween time in Charlottesville. Mr. Pickle's not quite sure what to think of this freaky mess.

Here he meets Thomas Jefferson!

Mr. P throws on a scholarly look for a visit to the University of Virginia. Such class, this one.

More gators! Aaaaah! Whey do they always find him?! This time at an antique shop. See here and here for his past encounters.

He should probably be more concerned with the giant starfish behind him.

Mr. P and E squeeze in some apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard!

Tis gourd season after all. Well played with the hat here.

A monster encounter for Mr. P on Halloween. Someone knew he was coming and drew him.


More good times with Elizabeth were had. He's headed back to Michigan now. And he has NO TRIPS planned for the rest of 2012. Will you take him somewhere with you? He gets bored easily.

October 25, 2012

New Orleans or Bust!

Mr. Pickle was the lucky guest on another business trip with Miss Olivia. This time they stayed States-side and headed to New Orleans from October 12-17. He's been one busy traveling pickle lately! And he's loving every minute. One minute he's in France, the next minute he's in the French Quarter.

Planning time! Books and beads.

Mr. P says hello to the New Orleans Convention Center.

Tiny swag at the neuroscience convention. (I said it was a busines trip!)

A beautiful early morning in Jackson Square.

Yes, yes, and yes. Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde. He is looking like a most dapper pickle ready to devour ALL THE SWEETS.

Why must Mr. Pickle encounter alligators every time he visits New Orleans? At least he manages to escape the clutches of death each time. Phew.

Mr. P enjoys some unique corncob ironwork on Royal Street. He's the size of corn!

Eyeing some chicken and frog cakes at Croissant d'Or Bakery. I don't even want to know what these are. Thanks Olivia for taking him to yet ANOTHER bakery :)

They visited100 year old Central Grocery for a muffuletta, because apparently no trip to New Orleans is complete without this muffuletta.

Mr. Pickle checks out this original soda fountain at the Pharmacy Museum. This place sounds pretty cool!

Mr. P meets his first voodoo doll at the museum. He's not quite sure what to make of the poor thing.

Would you like some voodoo goofy dust?

This cute green guy makes a spectacle of himself at the spectacle display at the Pharmacy Museum.

An original pharmacy show globe! Mr. Pickle was happy not to break it.

Enjoying a view of the Mississippi River and the river boat Natchez and the plus-shaped World Trade Center.

Please take one pickle at Preservation Hall. Pickles for the soul!

How about a sip of a cherry hurricane wine slushie? Yes please!

Mr. P and Miss O enjoy a walk all the way down Magazine Street with a carrot, beet, kale juice. Yep, this pickle digs kale.

They even caught some Lousianna-made shorts at the NOLA film festival!

Fpr some reason, pickle things are everywhere. Like this pickle bottle stopper. Mr. Pickle is perplexed, his face just doesn't show it.

Wow! Olivia sure can pack in some sight seeing while on these business trips, and Mr. P is always happy to guide her along.


Next up is Chicago and some east coast touring. Check out his itinerary and let me know if you wish to take him with you somewhere! He'd love to show you his hat collection.

October 15, 2012

Putting the P in the U.P.

A northern Michigan trip for Mr. Pickle! Michigan is his home base, but he hasn't done much exploring in it. Immediately after returning from Paris, France he joined Darla (and James and Henry) and headed Up North to join Eby (and Ginger) for a bit of Northern Michigan fun from October 1-7. He first landed in Suttons Bay to visit Eby and Ginger at Hemlock Creek Farm and to hang with their pigs. Eventually they all traveled to the Upper Peninsula to soak in the majestic Lake Superior and visit the Tahquamenon Falls. Mr. Pickle's liver got a workout in between adventures. This was prime time for fall colors and OH MY it was pretty...
 Visiting Eby's pigs at Hemlock Creek Farm in Suttons Bay.

Gnome-like mischief, witnessed by ceramic pics.

Sippin' the fine Tandem Ciders. Mmmmm.

Mr. P dining with THE Henry at Towne Plaza in Traverse City. 

One of many drinks. Talk about fermented pickles. 

A stop at Deadman's Hill in the Jordan River Valley in Warner, MI.

Graffiti and trees and a pickle at Deadman's Hill. (See how it says DANG?)

DANG, Mr. Pickle, look at that view! Look at those lush colors. 

Drink stop at Dixie Saloon before crossing the Mackinac Bridge into the UP. 

Mr. P and the Mighty Mac! 

Overlooking Lake Superior at the mouth of the Tahquamenon River.

Well, it's not a gator attack, this time it's a giant bear at the gift shop! He just can't escape the sharp jaws of these critters.

Mr. P and PASTIES at the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery. Typical Up North. Typical Eby.

Mr. P is helping Darla dig around graves at Mission Hill Cemetary. Darla is realllly good at finding dead people. Mr. Pickle is not so much into genealogy.

A pickle-sized gazebo!!

A pickle-sized boat! He mans the HENRY T. I wonder if Henry J was amused...

They spent a lot of time on the beach of Lake Superior near Brimley. Oh, Lake Superior, so vast.

Um, that's a lot of water.

Bacon for breakfast, of course.

Mr. Pickle visited the top of the Point Iroquois Lighthouse in Hiawatha National Forest in Brimley, MI.

Lighthousing around.

The old lighthouse light. The sign says DO NOT TOUCH. SHARP EDGES. I guess Mr. P came out unscathed.

Mr. P loves meeting other stuffed friends on his travels. This time around he met a celebrity! Smokey the Bear!! In a lighthouse, no less.

Lunch at Clyde's in St. Ignace before heading over the bridge and back home.

The Mighty Mac and the mighty Mr. P headed back to SE Michigan. 


Such a fun trip with fun people. And those fall colors! Those waterfalls! Swoon. 
Until next time...