April 29, 2013

European Vacation

Mr. Pickled traveled with Jen from March 28- April 8. They left Buffalo, NY and traveled through England, France and Ireland. Sadly, I never heard from Jen, I have no idea how it went, and I have no photographic evidence. What a boring post. BUT, he did go. Apparently?

April 19, 2013

Buffalo Stance

From March 15- 22 Mr. Pickle joined Valerie and headed to Buffalo to visit her friend Jen again! They had a ton of fun eating good food and catching up as old friends do. Here we go:

Mr. P with Jen and Sal as they dive into some grub at Alton's! Mr. Pickle got a kick out of Jen's hat named Peanuts!

Time to put on his glasses at the zoo and read up on his animal friends.

Hello poison dart frogs! "You are tiny and fast," thinks Mr. Pickle.

A gorilla in the midst of the zoo! Mr. P had WAY too much fun with his new friends.

And holy smokes, look at that cute gorilla face! Mr. Pickle can hardly contain himself.

Sporting a new hat and dining at La Nova on St. Joseph's Day. Every year on St. Joseph's day, La Nova's has a big feast, mostly vegetarian, tho' there were some fish dishes and it's absolutely free and open to the public.

All good trips end with a bit of fun. Here they play one based in Japan called Nippon Rails. Mr. P scopes Jen's cards and plans their next move.


What a quick wintery jaunt to New York! Mr. Pickle stayed in New York with Jen and they headed to Europe together! Stay tuned for the report on that trip.


Speaking of trips.... Mr. Pickle is booking trips for summer! He wants to travel with YOU! Will you joing him?