May 24, 2012

Deep Sea Adventure

Mr. Pickle embarked on his first cruise! It was more than a three hour tour as he and the lovely Lana hopped aboard a Disney cruise ship through the Bahamas with her family from May 13-18. Dill was lucky enough to go along for the ride on this island adventure, where they departed from Florida and dove right in. Oh, and they went to Disney World, too!

Side note: Lana was there when Mr. Pickle came to fruition, so they have a bit of a bond going on. 

He met another alligator! How does this pickle run into so many gators?

Mr. P at a beer tasting. The brews were consumed quicker than he could say sweet baby dill.

Admiring the lovely Chihuly chandelier! This pickle's got taste.

As always, Mr. P makes friends. This time with an elephant. Made from a towel.

No trip to Disney is complete without meeting Mickey and Minnie! Mr. Pickle was kind of starstruck.

And speaking of starstruck! It's Cinderella! Due to a long wait and high security, all Mr. P could do was snap this shot while in the presence of the princess.

Mr. P chillaxes at the pool. (He really is a proficient swimmer, I swear.)

Another towel friend for Mr. P to meet! It's a... jellyfish? Ghost? Chef? Muppet outcast?

Ah, a serene window-side view. His favorite.

Mr. Pickle! What's this? Yes, he tried on a pretty Minnie dress. This dress did NOT come home with him, nor will I be packing it in his suitcase for his next trip! 

Speaking of... 

Where are you taking him next? He needs to get to all 50 states!
Check out his itinerary, he's got so much summer time open! Holler if you want him to join you on a trip.  

May 11, 2012

Auf Wiedersehen, Your Highness

Mr. P had a most fabulous time touring a bit of England and Germany with Donald from April 21-May 7. They were on a mission of film festivals, and Mr. Pickle got to take in some of the sights along the way. He had such fun, and came home with a bit of the German language under his belt, thanks to his gracious host.

 Taking a breather at the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin, Germany. 

 He fell in love with old buildings! Such architecture! Like this cathedral in Berlin. 

A sunny dip in the flowers in Oberhausen, Germany, with a film festival on his mind. 

Mr. P checks out the beauty of the Kensington Gardens in London, England. Apparently this is a place of elegant avenues and architecture.

 Elegance indeed, for this royal pickle at the Kensington Gardens.

Mr. P enjoys the view from Ormskirk, England.

All aboard! Mr. P sees circles as he waits at Paddington Station in London. I wonder what he's glancing at...

A few weeks, a few countries, and a pocketful of fun. It was Mr. Pickle's first trip to Europe and he was enthralled to take in some of the culture. He's totally switching gears for his next trip and is on his way to the Bahamas! It's only May and he's been all over the world! Have I mentioned how jealous I am of this little green guy?!


Do you have a trip coming up that you think Mr. Pickle would enjoy?? 
Check out his itinerary, and email nomadicpickle [at] if you want to take him somewhere. His summer is wide open!