August 26, 2014

Epic Road Trip to the Land of AZ

This green kid scratched SIX MORE NEW STATES off his list! He drove through 9 states in 10 days with Barb, Libby and Georgeann, with their destination being a new home in Tempe, Arizona. They started in Illinois and headed to: Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri -- and back to Illinois to end their epic journey. WHOAH! Talk about some epic pickle business. He made many stops along the route.

The U-Haul van was packed to the brim and Mr. Pickle was on board to supervise.  

And to get into some mischief, of course. 

Finally on the open road! Adios, Illinois!  

They crossed the Mississippi into Iowa. Is this heaven? Where's the field of dreams? 

Time to cross Nebraska! 

Julesburg, Colorado rest stop. Mr. P did NOT stay away from the wildlife.  

Another rest stop, Colorado style. 

This time it's another pit stop on Route 66, in Albuquerque, New Mexico for Mr. P and the gang.  

Mr. P always buckles up for safety. 

Along the Continental Divide in New Mexico. 

In Phoenix, Arizona Mr. P met a new friend named Elwood! What a cutie! 

ALAS! Mission accomplished! The new apartment has been reached.  

Mr. P wishes he could stay and be a roomie.  

Definitely an Arizona relative! 

Taking some time to relax at the pool in Phoenix. 

Perhaps Mr. Pickle's first maker space adventure? They visited Tech Shop in Chandler, AZ. Mr. Pickle built some dreams there. 

But first he had to stand in The Help Line to get some help with some sunglasses.  

Amarillo, Texas 

Mr. P checking out the rims at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX. 

A spot to rest in Oklahoma! Okie noodlers! 

Mr. Pickle is welcomed into Missouri! The 9th state he visited during the 10 day road trip, and the 6th new state to him from this trip. 


Mr. Pickle is crossing the states off like no tomorrow! 
He's now been to 29 states and 14 countries. 

Check out his itinerary. He wants to travel with you! 
Kentucky? Oregon? Maine? Tennessee? 21 left!