July 9, 2014

One Pickle, One Vegas, Thousands of Librarians

Mr. Pickle joined one of his favorite traveling librarian pals Karla (of Seattle trip fame) for the ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas from June 25 - July 1. This is not his first time at ALA, as he loves his librarians. Being Vegas, he saw a little more than he should have.

A dapper pickle checking out the details.

Um, hello lady friend. Thankfully Mr. P did not slip any singles anywhere.

Lord of the Rings! Games! Vegas! Winning!

Counting cards.

Mr. Pickle hangs at Caesar's Palace.

While there he hangs out with a few new friends.

He takes a bath in this one's tea.

Oh, and look at these feathery friends! Sparkly and twinkly.

One of the coolest things about the trip was that Mr. P and Karla were reunited with Jenny and Elizabeth, ALL of whom have traveled with Mr. Pickle! They have each taken him to ALA at some point. Ha! 


Oh, such fun! You never know what this green guy is going to be up to next.

He's got room on his calendar for summer times, and needs to check more states off his bucket list. View his itinerary and see if he fits your sched.