About The Project

Mr. Pickle came into existence in August 2010. I taught a handmade stuffies workshop at the former Blue House Ann Arbor for some kids, and I created a pickle as one of my examples of a stuffed creature they could hand sew. While making samples a friend asked me what I was making and I mumbled something, and she said "a pickle?!" I said "no," and laughed. Then I said "YES, I AM SO MAKING A PICKLE," as it was a fun idea. (Thanks, Lana!)

I taught the workshop the day I was leaving for a trip to Colorado to visit my sister and her family, and I was inspired to take him with me, as a traveling gnome/Flat Stanley of sorts.

During my trip the whole family got into it after a while. My niece and nephew took turns carrying Mr. Pickle in their pocket, and at one point, after reaching the Royal Arch while hiking Chautauqua park, my brother-in-law asked me where Mr. Pickle was, so he could take a picture. I said I didn't have him, and he said "You didn't bring the pickle?!" Throughout the trip my sister stopped to take pictures of her kids at scenic places, I stopped to take pictures of a stuffed pickle. It was all in good fun. After the trip I had the idea to send Mr. Pickle off on even more adventures. And here we are!

Hopefully you're up for participating in the Pickle Project, and would like to take Mr. Pickle on an adventure with you.

The big idea:
  • You tell me you want to take Mr. Pickle on a trip with you. 
  • We arrange the shipping and receiving. (I send to you, you send back to me.)
  • You take him on a trip. 
  • You take photographs of him around town, having fun, sight seeing, etc. 
  • You email me 2-10 of your favorite photos, along with your first name, and the name of the places Mr. P is at in each photo.
  • I then create a new blog post featuring the photos of your trip!

Thanks for stopping by,