September 27, 2012

Take a Hike!

We'll consider the hiking trip through Switzerland a warm-up trip for Mr. Pickle's hiking trip in New York. He joined Graham from September 3-14 to visit his family and to hike around the Adirondaks, and holy moly, the scenic views! They had a wonderful time.......

 Mr. Pickle's introduction to the Adk's - West Canada Creek and Fort Noble Mtn. (Nobleboro, NY - one of the many small settlements in the Adk's - just try to Google it!) in the southwestern part of the park. He was wondering what the log structures in the river were, so...

 They stopped at the Sacandaga River interpretive trail (Speculator, NY). Where they gathered lots of info on Adk flora & fauna, as well as descriptions of early logging operations, including log drives - check out those anchors!

The first hike, Blue Mtn. (elevation 3759', Blue Mtn. Lake, NY). Signing in at the trail register is a tradition, and a good idea... don't forget to sign out!

 Mr. Pickle at the summit benchmark! Quite a handsome hiker in that fancy hat!

Mr. P stayed safely in the pack on both fire towers. Safety first!

A nice woods walk into Palmer Pond (Chestertown, NY) with Sheila, Tom, and Bandit. Woof!

 The big one - Snowy Mtn. (3899', Indian Lake, NY). With Ralph and Graham's dad at the summit and fire tower. Winds were gusting 40-50mph at the top of the tower, enough to take your breath away.

 The reward - Mr. Pickle enjoys the wilderness view - mountains as far as the eye can see...

Back at home (Warrensburg, NY) and helping with the chores. Mr. P helps put the horses in for the night - clockwise from upper left: Pepper, Treasure, Tammy, Roger. Can you find Mr. Pickle?

 Another nice woods walk, this time to Round Pond (Thurman, NY). Not really round, but a beautiful view! Mr. Pickle takes a siesta... he got to see and hear loons on this trip!

The final trip, one last ride with el Bandito! Such a nice furry friend to hang out with.

 Mr. Pickle checks out the cool rock formations at the Warren Co. nature & X-country ski trails along the Hudson River (Warrensburg, NY). 

He's just hanging out as he takes note of the detail in the rocks.


Wow! What a beautiful trip. Graham was the perfect person to really get this pickle into the great outdoors.

Next up: Paris. Then more Michigan. Then....A trip with you! Where are you taking him? Let me know and I"ll put it on his itinerary. He's open!!