October 15, 2014

Buongiorno, Italia!

Mr. Pickle met up with his friend Lana again for a beautiful and amazing trip to Italy to visit family there from September 26 - October 4. They saw many historic sites, took in art, and wined and dined Italian style. He visited Blevio, Chernobbio, Como, Milan, and Bellagio. Here we go:

Mr. P getting comfy and enjoying the view at the Villa in Blevio.

Mr. P is looking good in hat, but clearly lacks a vest. But he also lacks hands, so... all is well. 

Hey stranger. 

He's trying to tell her that she's had a wardrobe malfunction. 

Small Pickle, big cathedral.

P is for Pizza!

Mr. P does Bellagio.

P is still for Pizza!



I'm on a boat! 

Mr. P's got a ticket to ride!

Mr. Pickle soaked in the vast beauty that is the Duomo de Milano cathedral. 

Duomo de Milano.

They are VERY excited to pose with the cathedral behind them. 

Tea cup ride in Chernobbio! He wants on!

Mr. P is loving the colors in Chernobbio!

Ice cream!

Market in Chernobbio.

Does Italy have happy hour? It's Mr. Pickle's job to find out while in Chernobbio. 

More research on that happy hour thing in Como. Ahem. 


And so ends a fabulous and amazing trip to Italy! It's the 15th country he's been to! 

And sadly, it's probably the last country he'll see. More on that later though. 

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